Civic Tech Science Fair

October 13, 2017

Join us as we welcome Hillary Hartley, Chief Digital Officer for Ontario.

The public keynote will be followed by a reception and Civic Tech Science Fair. 

Canada’s civic tech superstars —be they community groups, civic-minded businesses, or groups working on digital government— are creating a new environment in which technology contributes to citizenship. The Civic Tech Science Fair – born out of Ottawa Civic Tech – will showcase a number of Canadian organizations working on projects that use digital tools to improve civic engagement.


Participating groups include:


Come prepared for a night of networking and enjoy drinks, snacks, a DJ, and a nerdy showcase of the best of Canada’s civic tech scene!

Are you working on a project related to digital citizenship?. We’d love to hear from you. Email info “at” connected150 “dot” com 

iVote-jeVote is pleased to sponsor this segment of the Connected Canada 150 conference.

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This Canada 150: Conneted Canada conference was supported by a Canada 150 Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


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